What is an Underground Dog House?

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Products

There are many reasons why dog owners consider building underground dog houses for their pets. These houses are naturally insulated, meaning that they can regulate temperatures accordingly during summer and winter, thus protecting your dog from various elements. Additionally, they help provide an excellent relaxing and resting place for dogs after jumping up and down in the backyard. Most of these underground dog houses are made using 2 approaches, i.e., sunken or hillside methods. The size of the houses depends on the dog size. Huge dogs require relatively big underground dog houses, and vice versa. Some dog breeds also have specific space requirements for proper comfort.

Is an Underground Dog House Right for Your Dog?

This is a den-like structure that’s mainly created under the ground surface with a specific entrance where a dog can freely enter to relax and rest. According to dog experts, pet owners should find an excellent space in their backyards to install these underground dog houses. It’s easy and convenient to install these houses. Underground dog houses protect dogs from harsh weather by regulating temperatures when it’s warm or cold. These houses are also water resistant, meaning that they don’t allow water inside them, thus providing much-needed comfort to your pet.

Pros and Cons of Underground Doghouses


  • Excellent insulation – It’s essential for your dog to stay warm during cold weather seasons, even if it’s covered by thick fur. An underground doghouse has excellent insulation that can help with this. It helps the dog feel safe and cozy regardless of the weather conditions. With an underground dog house, you won’t need to use a heat lamp or electric heater to warm the house. This will help you save power and your monthly energy costs, and other costs related to insulation. Additionally, you’ll also avoid many crossing wires and cables that may pose a danger to your dog.
  • Provides personal space – Dogs need personal space and privacy. When you build a regular dog house above the ground surface, your pet won’t get the desired privacy. Everything that the dog does will always be exposed. With an underground doghouse, there is guaranteed personal space for your dog. This contributes to your dog feeling happy and at ease after a day of having fun.
  • Helps your dog stay cool during summer – During the summer season, when it’s too hot, your dog requires a good relaxing and sleeping place. An underground dog house is an excellent option for dogs during this warm season. This house won’t heat up because it’s located under the ground. Additionally, even if it heats, it’s easier to cool it by watering grass or other plants above it. This way, you won’t incur any costs purchasing an air conditioner to keep the house cool.
  • Less noise – Dogs require a peaceful and relaxing environment free from noise and other distractions. Underground dog houses are perfectly quiet compared to regular dog houses. These houses help dogs get better sleep, thus waking up refreshed and energetic.


  • Difficult to clean – Underground dog houses are difficult to clean compared to regular dog houses above the ground. Even with large dog houses, it’s never easy to clean them. However, this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to clean such a house. You can use a long brush to clean the house. This also requires time to complete.
  • It can be challenging to find the right size – To ensure the proper comfort and safety of your dog, you should find the right-sized underground dog house. This has been a major challenge among most dog owners. Most of these houses lack a standard size. This means that some dog breeds can’t perfectly use them.
  • Poor ventilation makes it difficult for the dog to breathe – An underground doghouse requires proper ventilation to ensure your pet can easily breathe without any difficulties. Poor ventilation can result in the suffocation or death of your dog. It’s essential to assess the ventilation of the underground dog house before you allow your pet in for safety purposes.

Final Words

In conclusion, buying an underground dog house is a good idea if you want your dog’s safety, privacy and comfort. Before you buy any underground doghouse, compare the available options and weigh their advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes, underground dog houses can become flooded. You can prevent flooding by adding a 3-4-inch-long cover that’s water-resistant.