Puppy Won’t Poop Outside – Tips to Remedy the Situation

by | Dec 12, 2022 | Puppies, Training

Potty training a puppy is essential training that everyone keeping a dog deserves to learn. It will help your pet learn how to poop outside and maintain a clean household. However, potty training your puppy might not be easy if you don’t know how to do it. A lack of proper understanding of the training may make your puppy poop inside despite the practice and training. Read below to find some helpful tips to ensure your puppy poops outside.

Let your Puppy Learn to Poop Outside

The most effective way to help your puppy learn how to poop outside is to train it. During the training session, you can decide on a cue that your puppy can master easily. The cue may involve using words such as “poop”, potty, etc. Teach your puppy how to associate with the cues and reward it after each correct action the puppy takes. The reward might be the food the pet likes most if it is a food-motivated puppy.

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Consistent Bathroom Breaks

Initially, you should try to teach the puppy to use the bathroom at consistent times. You can then maintain it as a routine to train your dog. For instance, some puppies do like to poop after eating a meal. If that is the case with your pup, you can stick to that time. As long as it is consistent and you ensure the proper action is taken in the proper place, your puppy will learn to poop outside.

Consider Using a Crate

A crate is another important tool when you want your dog to stop pooping outside. The crate helps in keeping the puppy in its own space. This makes it much easy to train your pet how to use the potty, especially when it is still young. The crate can also help you conduct other forms of training for the pet in general. Dogs always try to keep the area they leave or spend most of their time clean. For this reason, they will hold the poop to keep the crate clean when they are inside the crate. This makes it easy for you to train the puppy to use the potty.

Listen to Signals from Your Puppy While Crated

Your puppy will let you know when they are ready to go to the bathroom. Expect some howling and yelping until they can go. Do not delay as you do not want to train your dog that it’s fine to poop inside their living space. Once your dog lets you know they want to go, quickly let them out of the crate and take them outside. This will reinforce the idea that they should poop outside.

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Have a Designated Area Outside

Potty training your puppy differs from general training. In this case, the training involves taking your puppy to the potty at scheduled times.. To make this practice happen for the first time, you should identify a potty spot. You should then familiarize the place with your puppy linking the place and the potty. You must learn the best time to take the pet to the potty. This should be when the pet mostly likes to poop, which should be in your normal training routine. Remember, puppies may get very distracted during potty time.

For instance, when they don’t want to poop, the dog may roll on the grass instead of defecating. For this reason, you must learn how to keep the pet focused on the business. When you ensure the puppy goes to the potty at the right time and place, it will be easier to absorb the training.


Ensure you keep taking the pet to the potty daily without missing even a day. This will make the dog learn and master how to go potty faster. However, in case of an accident, learn how to deal with it most effectively. For instance, if you find the pet peeing or pooping inside, the right way to handle it is to clap or say no very loudly. You need not scream or beat the puppy.