K9 Training Institute Review: Revamping Canine Companionship

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Welcoming a dog into your home is an exciting endeavor. It can also be a challenging one without proper training tools at your disposal. We, as dog owners, strive to understand and bond with our pets, fostering positive habits and behaviors. Fortunately, we can now access comprehensive resources like the K9 Training Institute’s Masterclass. Our K9 Training Institute review, offerings, training approach, and overall effectiveness.

The K9 Training Institute (K9TI) is an online platform that empowers dog parents with practical and professional training techniques. Founded by two animal behavior specialists, Dr. Alexa Diaz, and Eric Presnall, K9TI is dedicated to transforming the dog training experience with their comprehensive online Masterclass. The institute aims to assist dog parents in enhancing their pets’ behavior from the comfort of their own homes at their own pace.

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K9TI’s Approach to Dog Training

Unlike traditional training methods that heavily rely on verbal commands, K9TI emphasizes body language and positive reinforcement. These are the same techniques employed in service dog training, proven highly effective. The institute uses a two-pronged strategy: teaching dogs to respond to two primary cues, ‘Watch’ and ‘Touch’, which form the basis of addressing various behavioral issues.

Masterclass Structure

The K9TI Total Transformation Masterclass provides an in-depth learning experience divided into manageable sections. The structure ensures that dog owners can gradually implement what they’ve learned, with a commitment of only 10-15 minutes of one-on-one training with their pets each day. Whether raising an 8-week-old puppy or addressing issues in an older dog, this course is designed to cater to all.

Before diving into the full course, K9TI offers a risk-free trial in the form of a free workshop. This workshop covers basic issues like barking, chewing, leash pulling, potty training, and ignoring commands. This hands-on preview allows potential students to gauge the effectiveness of K9TI’s approach before committing to the Masterclass.

Upon signing up for the Masterclass, users are granted lifetime access to course materials, enabling them to revisit lessons and training exercises as often as they need. The course costs $497, reflecting the high-quality training provided by professionals with extensive experience and credentials in animal behavior. The K9 Training Institute’s commitment to enhancing your dog’s behavior and training skills makes this course a significant investment in your pet-parent journey.

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K9 Training Institute and Its Founders

The mission of the K9 Training Institute is to reshape the way dog owners interact with their pets. They aim to promote a balanced relationship between humans and their canine companions through effective communication and understanding. K9TI recognizes that each dog is unique, so a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to training is not viable. Thus, they’ve tailored a course to address various behaviors and habits suitable for dogs of all ages and breeds.

Profile of Dr. Alexa Diaz

Dr. Alexa Diaz, a lead animal behaviorist at K9TI, boasts over 20 years of experience in the field of dog training. She holds a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior, lending a strong academic foundation to her practical expertise. Dr. Diaz’s comprehensive understanding of dog psychology is vital in developing the training curriculum. Her methodologies have been instrumental in enhancing the effectiveness of the K9TI Masterclass, helping dog owners achieve tangible results.

Profile of Eric Presnall

Eric Presnall, the lead presenter, and trainer at K9TI, complements Dr. Diaz’s knowledge with his broad experience in dog training and presenting. His approachable manner and ability to simplify complex concepts contribute significantly to the user-friendly nature of the Masterclass. Through his work at K9TI, Presnall continues to empower dog owners, giving them the confidence to tackle behavioral issues head-on and enjoy a more fulfilling relationship with their pets.

Owner teaching his Poodle tricks as his dog shakes his hand.

Unique Features of K9 Training Institute’s Masterclass

Emphasis on Body Language over Verbal Commands

One of the distinct features of the K9TI Masterclass is its emphasis on body language. While traditional training often relies heavily on verbal commands, this course recognizes that dogs are primarily non-verbal communicators. Therefore, K9TI teaches dog owners how to use their body language to convey messages effectively, providing a more intuitive way for dogs to understand and respond to their commands.

Application of Service Dog Training Techniques

Another standout feature of the Masterclass is the application of techniques used in service dog training. These techniques have a track record of producing dogs that display calmness, obedience, and impulse control in various situations. Using these methods, K9TI strives to help dog owners encourage similar traits in their pets, fostering a more balanced and enjoyable companionship.

Use of Positive Reinforcement in Training

Positive reinforcement forms the backbone of K9TI’s training approach. This method involves rewarding desired behaviors, making them more likely to be repeated in the future. It’s a kind and effective training method that promotes a positive learning environment for your pet, enhancing their motivation to follow your commands. This approach helps train and strengthens the bond between you and your pet, reinforcing trust and mutual respect.

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Structure and Contents of the Masterclass

Overview of the Free Workshop

The K9TI experience begins with a free workshop designed to familiarize potential students with the institute’s unique approach to dog training. This session addresses common behavioral issues such as barking, chewing, leash pulling, ignoring commands, and potty training. The workshop serves as a risk-free introduction, allowing dog parents to gauge the effectiveness of K9TI’s approach before enrolling in the comprehensive Masterclass.

Description of the Total Transformation Masterclass

The Total Transformation Masterclass is K9TI’s flagship offering. The course, priced at $497, is designed to be a comprehensive guide for training dogs of all ages and breeds. With lifetime access to the course materials, users can revisit lessons and exercises as often as needed, ensuring long-term, sustainable improvements in their dogs’ behavior.

“Watch” and “Touch” Cues

A unique aspect of the K9TI Masterclass focuses on two fundamental cues: “Watch” and “Touch.” “Watch” trains dogs to make eye contact, improving their focus and attention, while “Touch” guides dogs to interact with their owners or a designated object physically. These cues form the foundation for addressing many behavioral problems, making the training process simpler and more efficient.

Training Consistency and Time Commitment

The K9TI Masterclass is structured so that it requires a commitment of only 10-15 minutes per day for one-on-one training. This manageable daily investment allows consistent training, a critical factor in reinforcing and cementing desirable behaviors. The course structure reflects this understanding of patience, consistency, and time are essential to successful training.

Behavioral Issues Addressed in the Program

The K9TI Masterclass tackles a broad range of behavioral issues. From excessive barking and leash pulling to ignoring commands and other behavioral problems, the course provides effective solutions. The simple yet powerful commands taught in the course allow dog owners to address these issues without additional tools like whistles or clickers.

Four Labrador Retriever dogs in different colors demonstrating the various Labrador Retriever characteristics

Cost and Value Assessment

Breakdown of the Masterclass Cost

The cost of the Total Transformation Masterclass is $497. This one-time fee grants users lifetime access to the course materials. Although it might seem steep initially, the cost breakdown and the resources provided justify the price tag. The fee covers professional dog training techniques, one-on-one attention, unlimited access to resources, and invaluable lifetime access to the course materials.

Evaluation of the Course’s Value-for-Money

Despite the initial investment, the value delivered by the K9TI Masterclass significantly outweighs its cost. The comprehensive course, backed by professional expertise and practical exercises, is a cost-effective alternative to repeated professional dog training sessions. The improvements in your dog’s behavior and the enhanced bond between you and your pet are priceless benefits that make the Masterclass a worthy investment.

Information on the Money-Back Guarantee

The K9TI Masterclass comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. This policy provides users with an extra layer of assurance, making the course a risk-free investment. If users are unsatisfied with the results within 90 days, they can request a full refund, reinforcing the institute’s confidence in the course’s effectiveness and value.

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User Experiences and Feedback

Many users have shared glowing reviews and inspiring success stories about the K9 Training Institute’s Masterclass. They report significant improvements in their dogs’ behavior, reflecting the effectiveness of the training methods. Users have praised the course’s structure, the professionalism of the trainers, and the tangible results they have achieved.

Effectiveness in Addressing Common Behavioral Issues

Feedback suggests that the Masterclass effectively addresses common behavioral issues such as leash training, excessive barking, and lack of focus. Users found the training methods worked even when traditional and high-value treats failed, highlighting the program’s effectiveness. With the techniques taught in the course, dog owners have managed and mitigated problematic behaviors, leading to a more harmonious relationship with their pets.

User Experience Concerning the Training’s Psychological Approach

Users have highly appreciated the Masterclass’s psychological approach. It provides practical training techniques and instills a deeper understanding of dog psychology. This understanding facilitates better communication between dogs and their owners, primarily through body language and eye contact, and has been hailed as a game-changer by many users.

Coverage of the “Job to Do” Strategy

The “job to do” strategy suggested by K9TI has been a standout feature for many users. Owners have found their dogs become more confident and less moody by giving them a task. This approach has also helped strengthen the bond between the dogs and their owners, further enhancing the value of the Masterclass.

Critiques and Areas for Improvement

While the program has received high praise, some users have raised concerns about the cost, finding it a bit steep. Others felt that some of the videos could be shorter. However, these critiques were usually offset by the users’ acknowledgment of the course’s comprehensive nature and the value it provides.


  • Focus on body language over verbal commands
  • Adoption of service dog training techniques
  • Use of positive reinforcement in training
  • Extensive expertise of trainers
  • Provides lifetime access to course materials
  • Can be helpful for any dog owner, regardless of their pet’s age or behavior
  • Includes a 90-day money-back guarantee


  • Higher cost compared to some other online courses
  • Some users found the length of some of the videos too long
  • Detailed information about the paid course is only available after attending the free workshop

Final Thoughts on the K9 Training Institute Review

The K9 Training Institute’s Masterclass is a comprehensive dog training program focusing on body language, positive reinforcement, and techniques used in service dog training. With trainers who are experts in their field and a program structure that only requires a manageable daily time commitment, the Masterclass aims to transform dog behavior in a kind, effective manner. While the course fee is $497, the lifetime access to course materials and the potential improvement in dog behavior makes it a valuable investment.

The K9 Training Institute’s Masterclass offers dog owners a practical, manageable, and sustainable approach to training their dogs. It’s more than just a training program; it’s a way to understand, communicate, and build stronger bonds with their canine companions. Although it requires an upfront investment, its value – improved behavior, better communication, and a strengthened bond with your pet – makes it a worthy investment for any dedicated dog owner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is unique about K9TI’s training approach?

K9TI’s training approach stands out for its emphasis on body language over verbal commands, a method used in service dog training. They use positive reinforcement to shape the dog’s behavior. Their techniques foster a better understanding of dog psychology and behavior, leading to more effective communication and a stronger bond between dogs and their owners.

What is included in the Total Transformation Masterclass?

The Total Transformation Masterclass includes a detailed training program focusing on two fundamental cues – Watch and Touch. It addresses various behavioral issues such as jumping, leash pulling, and ignoring commands. The course doesn’t require additional tools and provides lifetime access to all materials. It is structured in easy-to-follow sections, requiring only 10-15 minutes of one-on-one training with your dog daily.

How much time commitment is necessary for the program?

The program requires a commitment of 10-15 minutes per day for one-on-one training with your dog. However, it’s essential to remember that consistency, patience, and time are vital to the success of the training. There’s no time limit for completing the course, allowing users to learn at their own pace.

What are the credentials of the trainers at K9TI?

The trainers at K9TI, Dr. Alexa Diaz and Eric Presnall have extensive credentials and experience in animal behavior and training. Dr. Diaz, the lead animal behaviorist at K9TI, has over 20 years of experience training dogs and holds a Ph.D. in Animal Behavior. Eric Presnall, the lead presenter, and trainer, brings a wealth of experience in dog training and presenting.

How does K9TI address specific behavioral issues in dogs?

K9TI’s Masterclass teaches dog owners to use body language and two primary cues – Watch and Touch – to address various behavioral issues. By focusing on these cues, the program helps to promote calmness, obedience, and impulse control in dogs, similar to service dogs. It also uses positive reinforcement to promote desired behaviors.

Is the K9TI Masterclass worth the cost?

The K9TI Masterclass costs $497, which might seem high, but the value it delivers is considerable. Users get one-on-one attention, unlimited access to resources, and lifetime access to course materials. Plus, the program has a 90-day money-back guarantee, making it risk-free for users. Based on customer feedback, many believe the cost is justified by the results they’ve seen in their dogs’ behavior.

What are the common critiques about the K9TI Masterclass?

Some users have commented on the high cost of the program and the length of some of the videos. However, these points are often offset by the users’ acknowledgment of the comprehensive nature of the course and the value it provides in improving their dogs’ behavior and strengthening their bond with their pets.