How to Get Rid of Dog Gland Smell on Furniture

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Owning a dog comes with numerous responsibilities, including cleaning their mess and organizing items they’ve disorganized. Most homeowners stay close to their pets at times. These pets usually have access to the interior parts of their homes, including the living room, where there’s furniture. One common thing most homeowners have to deal with is the unpleasant anal gland smell from dogs. Dogs have a unique gland smell that they rub against furniture or other household items. The smell depends on the type of food that your dog eats. Most raw foods don’t have any effect on the anal gland smell. Most homeowners have been struggling to get rid of the dog glands smell on their furniture without success. Below are some top tips and tricks you can consider implementing to solve this problem:

Use Enzymatic Cleaners

This is an excellent method of getting rid of the dog gland smell on your furniture. The different enzymatic cleaners not only help remove the smell but also breaks down the various proteins that integrate to produce the odor. However, experts warn of using these cleaners without testing their reaction. Before using them on your furniture, test them out with a small part of your furniture items. If you notice any visible damage, avoid using the cleaner. However, you can simply look for a professional upholstery cleaner to help you in the process to avoid taking chances.

Use Pineapple Juice

Some homeowners prefer using pineapple juice to eliminate the dog gland smell on their furniture due to its scent. However, its only downside is that it can cause staining on the furniture fabrics. This solution isn’t recommended for use on antique fabrics since it may damage them. However, it works well for delicate fabrics. To use pineapple juice to remove dog gland smell on furniture, homeowners need to spray the solution on the affected areas of the specific item. Pineapple juice is known to be highly absorbent, meaning that it can easily pull any fluid off furniture surfaces.

Steam Cleaning

If you find that most traditional methods aren’t effective, consider steam cleaning. This method will involve using a steam cleaner to heat and remove molecules that cause a bad smell on your furniture. It’s an effective method, although it’s a bit expensive.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda has proved to be beneficial in many aspects. It’s among the top-rated solutions for eliminating dog gland smell on furniture. Baking soda is a cheap and effective solution that anyone can use, whether on a budget or not. You can find baking soda in your nearest store for use. If it’s challenging, experts recommend getting borax, although it hasn’t shown better effectiveness in eliminating dog gland smell on household items. To ensure that the baking soda is effective, you should sprinkle it on your furniture. Mix a small portion of the baking soda with water. Leave the mixture for around 15 minutes for it to settle. Before you sprinkle the solution, ensure that no pet is available. After sprinkling the solution all over your furniture, leave it for some minutes before you vacuum up it with soapy water.

Use Removable Furniture Covers

This is an excellent solution to get rid of dog gland smell on furniture. Using removable furniture covers isn’t a permanent solution, although it helps solve the problem from time to time. Every time you notice an unpleasant smell on your furniture, you simply remove the covers and replace them with others. These covers should be cleaned thoroughly before they’re used again.

Consider Surgical Treatment

This is among the less-used procedures for eliminating dog gland smell on furniture. However, it has shown excellent results. The procedure involves removing anal glands from your dog. This doesn’t have any negative effects on your dog. However, dogs with various health problems shouldn’t undergo such a procedure. If you manage to use this method, be sure that the problem will be permanently resolved. The procedure should only be done by a veterinarian who’s experienced in the task.

Final Words

In conclusion, these are the top tips and tricks to consider to get rid of dog gland smell on your furniture. You can also consider using hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, or laundry detergent. If you don’t know the exact method to use, you can find professional help.