German Shephard Dog Houses and What to Know Before Buying

by | Dec 6, 2022 | Dog Breeds, German Shepherds, Products

German Shepherds are popular dog breeds because of their obedience, loyalty, and intelligence. They’re also huge, active, and sturdy, meaning that they suit almost all climates. These dogs like spending their time outside running up and down in yards. This not only helps them exercise but also helps eliminate bad behavior, including aggression. During the night, German Shepherds require somewhere to relax and sleep.

Every dog owner should find a suitable house that provides safety and comfort. A good dog house is essential since it helps keep your pet safe when you’re away from home. Nobody can break, injure or take your dog whenever you’re away. Additionally, a good doghouse provides the much-needed rest time that helps your dog calm down and reduces aggressive behavior.

If you’re currently shopping for a doghouse for your German Shepherd, be aware that not all of them are created equal. Before you even think of purchasing one, you should ask yourself some questions, including your dog’s size, personality, location of the house, the number of dogs available, portability, etc. Below are some tips for what to look for when shopping for a German Shepherd dog house.

Size of the Doghouse

This is probably the first thing to consider when selecting a dog house for a German shepherd. The first step is to get your dog’s measurements. Typically, male German Shepherds are 24-26 inches tall and weigh 65-90 pounds. On the other hand, female German Shepherds are 22-24 inches tall and weigh 50-70 pounds.

These measurements can help you find the best house. However, there are some medium German Shepherds. According to dog experts, pet owners should find an average dog house. A good dog house shouldn’t be too small or large. When the house is too small, there will be limited space for resting comfortably. Again, when the house is extremely large, it won’t heat properly during winter. Getting an average dog house can be the perfect choice for your German Shepherd.

Construction Material

Although German Shepherds are well-behaved dogs, they can sometimes be destructive, especially when left alone for long hours due to boredom. This can also make the dog chew or scratch its house in an attempt to be busy and avoid boredom. There are many construction materials used in making dog houses, such as wood, metal, concrete, and plastic. You can choose the best material depending on your dog’s needs.

First, a wooden dog house is attractive, durable, and can be better insulated. The only downside of dog houses is that the wood may require treatment and is bulky. Secondly, metal dog houses are also better, especially for people living in areas that don’t need too much insulation. On the other hand, plastic dog houses are lightweight, making them easily portable.


Insulation plays a significant role in dog houses. It helps create a comfortable environment, especially in harsh conditions. A poorly insulated doghouse makes it difficult for German Shepherds to stay warm. They can also overheat when there are high temperatures, especially during summer. A well-insulated dog house also helps to lower noise levels, thus reducing disturbances that can destroy your dog’s sleep.

Top Brands

Different dog houses for German Shepherds come in various brands with varied materials, features, sizing, etc. There are many top brands of dog houses, including Petsfit, Petmate, Confidence Pet, ASL Solutions, and Fit Choice.


It’s essential to consider ventilation when finding a dog house for a German shepherd. Proper ventilation keeps the house dampness free and prevents mold growth, especially during winter. Dog experts recommend finding a dog house that has free air circulation. In case you’re in a position to select a house with adjustable vents, it’ll be a better option since you’ll be able to control airflow. The construction material of the house can also determine how well it’s ventilated.


Dog houses for German Shepherds come at varied prices depending on the size, brand, construction, material used, etc. If you’re on a budget, there are a variety of options available that will suit your German Shepherd perfectly. Overall, expect the price to range anywhere from $100 – $500 for most dog houses suitable for a single German Shepherd. But, there are plenty of luxurious models that can be much more expensive. Alternatively, going the DIY route can save a lot of money if you are handy with tools.

Final Words

If you have a German Shepherd, finding a suitable dog house can seem like an easy task. But, there are some considerations you must take into account before making your purchase. If your dog is in an uncomfortable or inadequate environment, he/she may exhibit undesirable behavior as a means of acting out. Ensuring the doghouse is of the proper size, made of sturdy materials, is properly ventilated, and has the necessary insulation are important considerations.

In conclusion, these are some essential things to consider when purchasing a dog house for a German Shepherd. For your dog to grow well, ensure you choose a comfortable and safe house.