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How to redirect your puppy’s biting behavior to train your pup what is and is not appropriate to bite

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Learn about a unique technique that combines positive reinforcement with strategic timeouts to reduce unwanted behavior.

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A complete training system that unlocks your dog’s “hidden” natural intelligence for faster and more effective training.

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Gentle Jaws ebook cover

Free Gift #1

Gentle Jaws: Stop Puppy Biting for Good

No More Annoying Biting & Nipping
Addressing biting behavior in puppies is not just about preventing current discomfort or inconvenience; it’s a vital part of raising a well-adjusted, sociable, and safe pet. 

Learn why puppies and young dogs bite and nip

Find out the best preventative measures to curb biting

Discover the most effective training techniques that work on any breed

Understand how to overcome common challenges

Gentle Jaws ebook cover
Harmony at Home

Free Gift #2

Harmony at Home

Curb Your Dog’s Excessive Barking

Learn how to recognize the different types of barks, their root cause, and how to employ effective techniques to manage and reduce excessive barking naturally. Know when your pup wants to play, needs attention, or thinks something is wrong.

Learn the secrets to a quiet and well-mannered dog or pup

Find out when you should pay closer attention to your dog's barking

Step-by-step techniques and methods to train your dog how to be quiet on command

Learn why shouting can be counterproductive

Pawsitively Healthy Dog Treats

Free Gift #3

Pawsitively Healthy Homemade Dog Treats

Fun and Healthy Dog Treats From Home

Make your pup delicious and nutritious treats and snacks right out of your own kitchen. Use these healthy treats as irresistable motivation during training sessions without worrying about unhealthy preservatives and additives.

Delicious recipes you can make in minutes. Save money on treats!

Learn the basics of nutrition of dogs and how you can ensure a long and healthy life

Find out how to balance treats with their normal diet and what not to do

Use your homemade treats as motivation during training sessions to get the most from your pup

Pawsitively Healthy Dog Treats
Dog Care Duty

Free Gift #4

Dog Care Duty

Taking Care of Your Dog Properly

Dog Care Duty is a resource that teaches dog owners how to properly care for their dog or pup. Learn which tools are necessary, why the vet is your friend, how to care for elderly dogs, big dogs, small dogs, and much more! Find out what problems can arise from not properly caring for your dog and how to prevent it.

Discover the secrets to keeping your dog healthy and happy

Vital information for every new dog owner

Overview of the basics and little-known problems associated with various dog types


Learn About A Unique Training System For A Well-Behaved Companion

After going through this program I feel 100 times more confident and far better about training. I have a far better understanding of behaviors and my puppy definitely seems to pick up on that confidence.

This system is the best confidence booster and the best way to teach your dog.

Sonoma W.

Dog Owner

Are You Ready To Transform Into A Proud Pup Parent?

For a limited time, download “Gentle Jaws: How to Stop Puppy Biting For Good” FREE, where you learn the secrets to say goodbye to bite marks and hello to cuddles and a well-behaved pet.

Understand How to Prepare for Your Training Sessions

Eliminate Frustrating Training Sessions That Seem To Do No One Any Good

Learn Step-By-Step Training Techniques For How To Sit, Stay, Come, Leave It, and More

Transform Your Pup Into The Dog Of Your Dreams

Unlock A Complete Training System That Improves Your Dog’s Intelligence Through Games & Exercises

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