5 Quick Tips to Make Your Dog Smarter

by | Jan 9, 2023 | Training

It is vital to keep a dog’s mind stimulated. Dogs can become disoriented and bored if we aren’t paying enough attention to their minds. Their mental health can quickly decline. Here are five quick tips to help your dog become a genius and challenge his brainpower.

Try New Things with Your Dog

You should take your dog on new walks every now and again. You can’t expect your dog to discover new things if he walks the same route every day. This philosophy should not be limited to walking. It should be applied to every aspect of your dog’s daily life. You can teach your dog new skills, allow him to sniff new places, and even let him participate in a dog sport. Your dog should have a lot of fun and be exposed to new things.


One of the more innovative things you could try is DOGTV. DOGTV is a streaming service, specifically made for dogs. It provides access to a variety of programming selections that help with mental stimulation, boredom, and becoming accustomed to new experiences like car rides or doorbells. They are currently offering a free trial for 1 month. Get a 1-month subscription!

Playing Hide and Seek with Toys

Dogs are very determined about getting what they want. You can hide a toy under a blanket or in a laundry basket if your dog is interested. Make sure that he knows you are putting it there. You can then watch your dog use his problem-solving skills and try to get it. Praise him when he solves the puzzle.

If your dog is struggling or frustrated, start slowly, making the exercise more difficult over time.

Housepet owner teaching retriever dog performing commands, animal discipline

Expand Your Dog’s Word Dictionary

Dogs love learning new words so make sure to take the time to improve your dog’s vocabulary. You could say “let’s go potty” before you open the door for your dog to go outside. You will see the results quickly if you do this enough.

Life-Long Training

Even if your dog reaches the golden years, don’t stop training him. Senior dogs are especially vulnerable to the saying “If you don’t use it, you lose it”. Old dogs can learn new tricks. However, it may take them a while to master the skills. Be patient, and you will be pleased. Don’t let your dog’s brain get old. A dog’s brain can still learn new things if it is given the opportunity.

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